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Mean Cash. The name alone conjures a vision of bad boys or girls going after a huge sum of money - mainly cash. It could even mean cash that was acquired by ill-gotten gains and some heroes - or a lone hero - or even the government has to work hard to recover a huge sum of bad ass mean cash from some bad ass dudes.

So doesn't the sound of Mean Cash kick ass? Wouldn't it be an intense book title, name of a play or better yet Mean Cash - The Movie?

The domain name MeanCashTheMovie.Com is owned by Mean Cash Inc and is available for sale until we put the time into writing the movie Mean Cash ourselves, at which point good luck buying this awesome domain name!

Interested? Go to the Mean Cash Inc web site and send us an email with the subject line "Buy Mean Cash the Movie Domain" or call us. What are you waiting for? This hot domain name "Mean Cash the Movie" could be gone by tomorrow!

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